Mission Cantina Super Burrito
Mission Cantina Super Burrito

Best "Rice-Free" Burrito in NYC: Mission Cantina...

Best "Rice-Free" Burrito in NYC: Mission Cantina

Loaded with fresh red-beans and ripe avocado to replace the absence of rice. Mission Cantina's "Super Burrito" comes lightly grilled for crispy outer tortilla but amazingly soft inside. Pick your choice of super veggie (which is excellent) or the protein options including rotisserie chicken, al pastor (pork), lamb, grilled beef brisket, carnitas and fried skate. In addition to the burrito, each order comes with thick spicy nachos accompanied with 2 salsas: a green tomatillo and avocado sauce, and a red ancho chili salsa.

Mission Cantina
172 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002