Something Rotten on Broadway

Broadway Comedy Musical - Something Rotten...

Broadway Comedy Musical - Something Rotten

Turn the world of Shakespeare squarely on its Bottom! This rollicking musical introduces a troupe of Renaissance actors led by Nick and Nigel Bottom, hard-working hacks who refuse to play second-fiddle to the number-one playwright in town, William Shakespeare, also known as The Bard.

From the director-choreographer behind The Book of Mormon comes the smash hit that smashes every convention. If you like your men in ruffles and tights and your women tapered at the waist, you’ll love singing and clapping along with every irreverent moment.

Whether you love Shakespeare’s works or loathe them, SOMETHING ROTTEN offers a hilarious glimpse of Renaissance theater – and the modern musical scene – like you’ve never seen it before!

Something Rotten
246 West 44th Street
St. James Theatre
New York, NY 10036